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Issue #3

Laine Autumn/Winter 2017 features:

  • 132 pages uncoated, high-quality paper

  • 11 knitting patterns, beautifully photographed and illustrated

  • A long-format portrait of Marianne Isager

  • A Q&A with Valentina Consalvi of SnailYarn

  • A long-format article about Uist Wool

  • "My story" about Viola yarns by Emily Foden

  • Seasonal recipes

  • A travel guide to Berlin featuring the best spots to stay, eat and shop.

Designers featured in this issue: Clare Mountain, Patricia Cox, Sari Nordlund, Joanne Spittler, Jennifer Steingass, Justyna Lorkowska, Fiona Alice, Whitney Hayward, Verena Cohrs and Rachel Coopey.

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